U、 美联储要求的LCR披露

美国LCR需要一定的美国大型银行控股公司,包括摩根士丹利,使每季(“美国LCR披露”)在其有关美国LCR定性和定量披露。manbet客户端下载截至生效2017年6月30日的季度,摩根士丹利的美国LCR披露报告中包含一定的定性和定量披露,manbet客户端下载按照美国LCR,12病死率§249.90和249.91。摩根士丹利的流动性风险的讨论,所manbet客户端下载要求的美国证券交易委员会,可在其年度报告中发现的Form 10-K表和它的季度报告10-Q在//

该公司的美国LCR披露并非是必需的,并且尚未经审计由公司的独立注册会计师事务所。The Firm’s U.S. LCR Disclosures are based on our current understanding of the U.S. LCR and other factors, which may be subject to change as the Firm receives additional clarification and implementation guidance from regulators relating to the U.S. LCR, and as the interpretation of the U.S. LCR evolves over time. Some measures of exposures may not be consistent with U.S. GAAP, and may not be comparable with measures reported in the Company's Annual Reports on Form 10-K or its Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q.